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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

reminder for the tired soul

assalammualaikum ;)

it has been almost 2months. yeay me! another 1 year and 10 months to go! am i that tak saba to keluar from HO-ship? i am a simple girl, so the answer to that is of course, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! and to answer y, its because of the working hour.7-7. with one off day. aiyaaa. i want cuti. i want my very own weekend.

so just finished my assessment with my mentor, MO of course. with my supervisor, in few days. so i just new about the assessment after i have gut to ask her just now, so from home on my post call. i went to HSB. after  doing 'some' studies. prepare one case summary. then, she asked for my punch card. and just wrote few comments on my paper. asking me nothing. macam,,,,,, whatttt???? of course, that is the dream kan? so i wouldnt say much la.hikhikhik.

okay, so i went up to 8c, because, yeah, i am going to NICU on wed, so macam last day la gitu. and i thought to myself. i am soooo not ready to be in NICU alone! cisss. ah well, just gonna keep all the positive vibe in me and get through with it.

so after a good look, tgk kanan kiri, all my friends are busy. so yeah, i went down nak balik rumah. mcm whatever~ then, dtg sorang pakcik ni looking all tense up but still manage to smile at me. and suddenly he said, 'haihhh penat betul minggu ni.'  and i dont know y. tiba2 i jadi a very good listener sejak masuk kerja ni. i smile and ask him back what is wrong.

he spontaneously told me what happened, that his wife is downstairs in ICU, in coma. and his son is up here in 8c. i am shocked but then, i still smile and ask him 'accident ke?'. no, both were hospitalized dt lung infection. such a rare case. to me of course, heyyyyy, i am just in my 2nd month.

he is so tired jungling between his wife(taken care by his eldest) and his son(taken care by his daughter). antara ayat pakcik tu, 'sikit je ujian yang dtg, sikiiit sgt Allah bagi, kte da penat.kena saba banyak2' dalam nada suara dia aku tahu da pakcik ni sbnrnya empangan dia nak pecah dah ni. kalau dia makcik aku peluk da, tpi sbb pakcik, aku senyum, ckp, 'saba ea pakcik. pakcik pun amek la mase rehat sekejap, pakcik kena sehat utk dua-dua'

dia kata, 'mana nak rehat, baru lelap mata teringat kt isteri, lelap mata sikit, teringat dekat anak' bab ni aku pulak la yang sebak. aku teringat kt ayah kalau mama sakit, nukan main dia susah hati. isteri kot kan. kalau ayah nak kemana mama la peneman, mama la nurse igtkan ayah mkn ubat.

balik kepada pakcik tdi, beria mulut dia berckp mengenai betapa kcik nya ujian Allah ni dekat hamba2nya, walhal ada yang lain lagi berat ujian. mungkin dia nak ingatkan diri sendiri and secara tak langsung mengingatkan aku. jangan mudah mengalah, sentiasa redha dgn ujian ALLAH, betulkan niat aku kenapa aku ada kt sini in the first place. to help them to feel better dgn izin ALLAH. kan??

aku doakan isteri dan anak pakcik tu sehat mcm biasa. dan terma kasih banyak pakcik sbb igtkan saya betapa pentingnya redha dlm mengharungi ujian. thank you sbb sudi luahkan perasaan dkt saya yang serba serbi muka toya ni. harap pakcik pun lega ;)

'in this life, always be thankful of what we have. be grateful and always be kind. and u'll be repay'

insyaaALLAH ;)

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