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Saturday, October 6, 2012

good life


it has been awhile of course. havent post anything since i entered clinical years.
ape bole buat?? wa manyak pinat woooo. =.='

i dont know if its a hectic day or everything is soooooo new and things practically went haywire for me.
literally... haywire.
get it??? bile wayar letrik tu nampak sangat gile bile die mcm nak pergi semua arah tapi pada masa yang sama die stay je kat situ.
and that is what happen, i had my mind on PLENTY/ THOUSANDS things. but yet, my butt is stuck to the chair. and in the end, the wire and me became bestfriends.. because we never go anywhere... so sad );

uh. this must be a weird post and the title should be change to 'me and the wire went hay'?? heh? lepas ni mungkin teacher english aku menangis sebulan sebab tak dapat ajar student bebal like me. sorry teacher, its me not u. ;p

whatever it is, i'll not let this post be soooo negative. so, i'm thinking to end my bff-relation with haywire and start off a new life. dun worry, haywire have a lots of other friends! muahahahahaha. saja nak cakap konon nye i'm not alone lah! ;p

 i'll strive, i'll be strong, i'll grab whatever it is and have a good life  :)

i'm sorry this post is not about one republic's song
'the good life'
till next post

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