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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


assalammualaikum citizens!

it is a usual morning for me. bangun, siap-siap, turun bawah and do my morning exercise [errr..actually part exercise tu bukanlah usual sangat pun] 

so after that, while relaxing i open up mama's old magazine. ala majalah wanita lah ape lagi. i read the article about a drowned boy and his mother at home received signs. petanda lah kata orang melayu. macam mana dari awal pagi anak lelaki dia dah lain macam sikit dan sepanjang hari tu si ibu ni asyik dapat petanda buruk. u know how it is, gula tumpah, air tumpah. things like that. hati ibu dapat kesan something is wrong. aku rasa semua tu possible if semua benda tu jadi and terdetik sesuatu kat hati ibu kot.

so long story short, i was very into that article and while eating my breakfast i keep thinking about it. macam, 'petanda ni biasenya bila that one person go out of norm kan?? hmmm.. i wonder..' btw, i'm serious okay.

then suddenly my mum bring out uncle bob's chicken from the fridge. actually my mum bought for each of us and mine tak habis lagi and still in the fridge. so, that's my little bro's. my bro ni biasenya kedekut bab-bab makanan ni. and i always kacau dia. saying things like, 'can i have some?' and he would normally reply 'ish sibuk je. tak boleh-tak boleh' but tetibe he replied this, 'ish, ambik la..' ternganga kau mulut aku. he loves that thing more than he loves rice kot. haha. sorry bro. ;p

he has been quite weird since yesterday as he did not finish the chicken yesterday. which normally he would. so i just thought that maybe he is full and i did not read the article yet. so the bad thought didn't run into my mind.

but somehow i manage to swipe it away. basically, how i'm thinking just now is fully based on what i read. mudah terpengaruh. typical me. insyaALLAH my brother will be just fine. maybe this is just a coincidence orrrr he is starting to diet. ;p 

i don't say don't believe in all this 'petanda' thingy. its just that. semua ni kan kuasa Tuhan. don't let your mind be influenced so much that u start to panic. and make assumption. tak kemane pun jemahh oooi~ just pray for the best.

that's all!
stay positive!
like me.
bye <3

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