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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

resepi: Oreo CheeseCake!

salam dear bloggers!

it has been 5days i'm at home. keadaan mula jadi agak bosan. i really should be studying but i'm stuck with the television and my lappy. =.='

so, i decided to try something new! errr, not actually new, just something that i've never done before.. OREO CHEESECAKE! and it is soo EASYYY. hewhewhewhewhew.

there were no baking needed since its cheese of coz but you need to space up your fridge.

butter 50gram
2 packets of oreo
1 table spoon of brown sugar
100ml whipped cream
eighty ml of dutch lady fresh milk
oreo<some from partA, explained later on>
250gm of philadelphia cream cheese
1 tablespoon of gelatine mixed with 40ml hot water

1. firstly, from  the two packets of oreo, use all except 7 for partA.
2. separate the crust part and the white cream. <the white cream will be used in partB>
3. crush the crust into very tiny pieces. used a very dry blender if possible.
4. mixed the butter <don't melt it > and the brown sugar thoroughly in the crushed crust.
5. then, place it in the cake pan. make sure u compressed it well enough. then, place the compressed base in the refrigerator for one hour.

1. mashed the philadelphia cream cheese in a bowl.
2. add up milk and whipping cream. make sure the you dont add extra milk cuz we dont want your cake to be too soft.
3. then add up 1/2 cup of sugar. <you can used brown sugar if you dont want it to be too sweet>
4. add up the mixed gelatine. <they are quite sticky, make sure every bit of it didnt go to waste>
5. take 3 from 7 oreo separated from before. crushed it. add it up into the mixture. at the same time, add the separated white cream from partA  into the mixture.
LASTLY, take out partA after ONE HOUR and place the mixture on top of it. for the finishing touch put the 4 last oreo on top of it and DONE! place it in the fridge for 4-5 hour.

tips: for partB you might as well use ELECTICAL MIXER to ensure it mixed thoroughly and to be twice as fast :)

agak buruk sikitla.. tapi sedappp!!!
THUMBS UP! hahaha. n ya, i praising my own masterpiece.

whole budget is LESS than 35 ringgit. if you want to compare it with buying it at secret recepi yang sama sebijik sejebon, boleh dapat 2 the same cake! so, lets get your hand on da cheese people!!!

selamat mencuba!
daaa >.<


.a n n e f t i n a. said...

my sayang najla lala :D
aku suka decorate oreo chesse cake kaw weyh!
nape kau tak tangkap gambar dr atas. cantek weyh! siyesss...macam butang...

najlaa lala said...

alaa~ tak terfikir pulak. huhu. da tinggal separuh je pulak. :P

aunnn. said...

ish arahan takleh bla bahasa inggeris. just to check, ur dutch lady susu tu 80ml?
aku nak try nih!

najlaa lala said...

weyh aunn. aku nak feeling2 martha stewart sket. haha! n yupp lapanploh ml. no lapan keypad aku rosak la.. hehe

IqaNi said...

wah.. bgos2. thanks sudi share. berguna buat sy sebab ckg bgi kerje skola sruh buat psl resepi (in english). toksah cri lagi. singgah je kt sini.

anyway, nice blog =)

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