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Sunday, June 17, 2012

how the girls see thing. :)

happy sunday everybodeh!

so today is sunday and apparently we decided to stay put at home since semalam hactic gila. takpe as long as it leaves us with good memories, i'll just let it pass. sebab i kan baikk! *sengih lebar2.

here is a truthfull conversation;

how's ur holiday?


what did u do?

many great things




so many great thing i couldnt even remember #likeaboss.

anyway, since today i'm not doing anything, update my blog wouldnt be such a waste. kan??? kan?? kan?
due to masa yang banyak. i online my facebook account and keep scrolling up and down. sebab these days i prefer twitter. btw, i jumpe ni. very cute!

*click to enlarge*

comel kan kartun kepale bulat ni?? ;D i dunno semua ni betul ke tak. tak pernah pulak tanya my friends what is their blood type. boleh la lepas ni korang teka kan crush korang blood type ape. hahah! 

for fun okay. never rely on it. 

thats all
till next post

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