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Saturday, April 9, 2011

its ur day GIRLFRIEND~!!!

hey there all!!! ok. on the verge of PT. perlukah post ini ummi??? answer:perlu! why??? its her birthday>>>

okay... so its her bday.
pada hari ini.. i made a mistake by asking her>> BLER BDAY KAU???
it is a joke! OF COURSE~~ hello???
i'm twenty.. the only day that i'll ask that question is when i'm dead fini~
haha :)
consider today's post is for you, FINI :)
dear SA-PI-NIEEE>>

n her pout!
 when it comes to friendship. to me it bring such a BIGGG meaning. SERIOUSLY!
i treasure friendship most :)  u re my friend and between us there's FRIENDSHIP :)
meaning, i do treasure you! huhu.
sometimes, bile kite duduk and fikir.. boleh tak ingat balik bile kite mule kenal???
tapi dari bila bond tu mula ada?? 
until semalam... aku tengok cter jepun tajuknye from me to you.(nnt i bagi u k.. semlm u da tdo)

it says; ' friendship.. you just dont know when it starts. it just did'

touched tak??? pfffft. what ever rite?
haha. ingat tak aku selalu cakap.. aku suka kawan dengan orang yang jadi diri dia sendiri.
and you are one of them. and YES GF~ I LIKE YOU! huh~ there i say it... haha!
(wait.. if ade yang igt aku ni less. U JUST DONT UNDERSTAND FRIENDSHIP MAN!)
now, why i like you???

 you'll always make me happy! cuz... i'll be happy when i'm with you. and hey, trust me, its not that easy  to make me feel happy just by seeing you :)

and for that thank you much!!! 
you made me feel comfortable. thx for accepting me for who i am :)

we may not have the same interest.. same hobby... same fav colour(ni for sure lah kann)
and well there's a few thing that doesnt need an explaination.

but we did goes to SUPER SHOW 3 together :)

tolonglahh. beli tix je pon da cukup happy!!! :)

 i hope we'll be a long last friend 

with full of barakah :)
hope you do too..


note that:1. tis post is in mainly in english cuz malulah nk tulis in malay :p org kate mader tung   language  but xtra segan .hehehe
2. to kawan2 yang lain, xbermakne takde post bday anda anda berbeza. takk.. untuk setiap damsels.. i'll think of diff way to express my bday wishes :)

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