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Friday, April 22, 2011

MiSSing :')

heyy all. so, i was scrolling up and down. looking for new updates. but none. i'm getting all bored. A G A I N .
check out news feed.. banyaknyaa benda aku missed! i am sad alrite. :( but still, stay tough ummi. biasalah aku ignore je sume benda. hahah!

then suddenly, my ex-roomate called, syaz~ tone dia, uu mak ai. solemn gila. hurm. asking aku ok ke tak? mainly about my condition. camni je lah kan... and then i asked her, syaz baru tahu ke ni??? she said>


tak tahulah kalau hiperbola ke tak. ngeee. but one thing for sure. i did cry. it is sad alrite. i really wanted to be there with all my friends. it has been a week. weyh.. kucing beranak pun da boleh bangun esoknya weyh. haha!
i'm getting all nuts here! 

pastu someone revealed to her that aku injured balik dari beli barang rumah sukan. wah wah wah... i dont mind tapi takpe je. its not the cause pun. 

yang penting satu je. i'm getting all fed up just staying here. and I MISS MY FRIENDS  


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