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Thursday, February 3, 2011


  ala-ala poyo gitu. entah bilalah aku ada garage en. haha! WTE! so, after dah lameeee sangat tak balik. then, my house macam tengah mengemaskan dan membuat barang-barang yang tidak dikehendaki. and there is like so many things. macam:: pics album.toys.storybooks.schoolbooks.even my mini encyclopedia :)and my favourite line of books where my bro n me learn to speak english. called : ANGLOPHONE;english course. hey, buku ni memang bagus ok :) lepas itu, my parents said (as i was not there when they look through the old pix) how different i was back then. so comot and selekeh! of course, aku ganas macam lelaki kot. haha~ well, my friendsANDpink change me. and how, my bro and me were vey different from my lil bro. back then, we have quite a strict timetable. like, whatching tv, playing, doing homework and how we work hard to gain present from our parents. huh! anak manja! idc~
as i was looking thru all the old toys look what i found::
another pink thing for my pink room

haha.. n my dad complained kereta dia macam nak gi buat jual kat pasar!
soo true

seriously, byk gila mainan!!
sume nak BUANG~!!
bye-bye meinan~ 

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