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Friday, October 14, 2011

something i dont know

hey, dear all blogger.

lama sangat tak post apa-apa kat sini. biasanya ada perkara yang nak dipost. tapi bila sampai depan lappy. PUFF! hilang uolls.

mungkin banyak benda kot yang bermain dekat dalam kepala ni. antaranya about this particular someone. shudnt have post about these kind of things here but... i just dont know where else to turn to. someplace to just let it all out.

how do you know someone tu ikhlas? if he approached, i used to think that he is serious. but now, oo man, i just have no idea. sometimes you keep thinking about why he did this to me? am i an experiment? what ever he do, he just dont seems to appreciate me.

and bila i said to myself that i've had enough. and later, he apologizes. WTE, is he serious? or he is just playing?

 i tried to consult someone. some of them keep taking on his side. 'eventhough they dont know him'. and some just called him a JERK! they, said i shudnt be treated this way.

what i really need to know is from him. i really really really need him to tell straight to my face. what happen actually. i'm not a shaman or a fortune teller <?!> or EDWARD CULLEN. i cant tell what's on other's mind.especially him. oh hello, man can be the most difficult subject to understand.

i really dont want to get my heart broken. i may be not as beautiful or smart or wise. but i am me. i dont expect a royal treatment. just a simple things will do. i have my own flaws. that is why i just shut the hell up and dont make a fuss about it. but please, when he apologizes, it just seems too real. am i blind? i hope not. dont believe all the 'love is blind' thingy.

but it is still the same. he makes the same mistake again. hurt me again. some says, 'maybe he have reason.' 'somethings happen.' 'u need to understand him better.' but some say, 'he is a jerk!' 'AS IF HE DOESNT CARE BOUT YOUR FEELING AT ALL. KEEP COMING AND GO WHENEVER HE LIKE' 'HE DOEST APPRECIATE U LA UMMI.' 'DONT ACCEPT HIM ANYMORE.'

ooh. PATHETIC!!! so what? i am blur alright. i have no SANE ideas bout this kind of things! <bajet innocent! hakhakhak>

i just dont know. just one thing, dont hurt me. or i'll tell my MOMMA!

shit happen. life goes on.

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