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Thursday, December 1, 2011

hello december!

it have been such a looooooooong time since this blog have been updated! so, hye dear all blogger!

last month for 2011~ azam?? banyakkkk je lagi tertangguh!

cuba fikir, what have u accomplished all this year? is it enough? huhu~ memang tak lah kan.

urgh! i am rambling alright! jap.. wanna share something..

'in a relationship of the insecure. my heart is so fragile that i'm afraid it might break and hurt. i know i'm not a princess or neither am i a humble maiden. i am just me. a humble damsel trying to struggle through life. what i want is for you, the prince of my heart to just understand and take hold of my heart tight but firm. so that it wont break and hurt. SECURE IT!'

papai peeps! 

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