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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

what done is done

hey peeps! jom memekak di belog kesayangan.

lately jarang dapat blogwalking. jengah belog-belog lain apetah lagi. pfffft!

today was fine. not that good but fine enough. teeeheee. after a nice swim. bajet-bajet ala PERCY JACKSON hot and bergaye kat swiiming pool. badan cam agak letih la. okayy.. bukan agak. memang letih. AMAT.

tadi, after kelas pagi, jarak ngn the next class lebih kurang 3 jam. so, i decided to go back to college. boleh menempek depan laptop or novel sesuke hati mak kau NYAH! after that, maybe because after-holiday-effect. i planned to take a SHORRRTTT NAP around 12 and 'plan' to wake up after 30 minutes. dan secare tak-sengaje-tapi-berhemah i woke up at 1.30... guess my SHORT NAP turns out to be not so short after all.

around 1.50 i get ready and sampai-sampai bawah. as i was walking dengan perasaan owh-aku-dah-lambat-tapi-cool. BANG! AN ACCIDENT!!! na~ not me pun. but that accident betul-betul depan mata. and i rushed to that girl. oh my kesian dia. bahana kereta yang tak bagi signal. nasib tak terok. a broken nail and scratched under her chin. heh! takot tak hengat kot die. menggigil. dah la kecik je. sejuk and menggigil when her hand grabbed mine. all that i can say is, 'takpe takpe. jangan risau.' heh! bodoh pulak aku rasa mase tu. agak la okay. i'm shocked too.

few things yang i thing i should've done. firstly, open her helmet. ask her too strengthen her leg if possible. and give some medical advises. ai CHEYYY najlaa. but what done is done. after a while there's this two guy datang tolong and tolong panggilkan kereta bahana tadi. OH YEA! go abang berdua. and no.. i dont know them.

one more thing, the car guy is not that bad. infact he is quite nice. base on the look he has on his face. but mama told u to never jugde a book by its cover. and guess what that guy is SOOO not a book. pffft! lame najlaa lame!

sad but true. sampai je the 'car guy' he was like sungguh bertanggungjawab and terus hantar that girl to pk aka pusat kesihatan. and i like.. a ZORRO.. GONE! hahaha. only because i had a lecture in 5 minutes time.

and ya. i'm still trauma. cause that girl jatuh. sangat sedih. the road was slippery and she kinda did her best to balance her motorcycle. uuuu.. dont worry i guess she'll be fine. :)

daaa. peeps 
gossip girl!
muahahahahaha. kiddin! 
nice tues all!

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