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Monday, December 5, 2011

language barrier ??

hello peeps...!

just got back from my mother hometown. :)

as we all know, malaysia is divided into 13 state. or... 14? hehe.

and almost all state has it own malay accent. do i have to state it all here?? duh >.<

basically, mama and ayah both came from the same negeri which is PERAK.. oh yea! kejo yeop kejo! <motipp???> but i was born at pj, selangor. and so, i am a perakian! DANGG... xde kene mengena.

something extremely embarrassing happen

so today, there was this wedding ceremony.

as usual, boiled egg will be given to all the guest as souvenir. for years, it has been a tradition la.

this happen between me, my uncle that is a kelantanese <my aunt's hasben>, his grandaughter.

and yes... ummi najlaa the kid lover kunun...!

me: adeq.. buat ape tu..? nak telur? kakak KOPEK kan...  

in my mader tang accent, kopek = kupas = the action of peeling of

but as taught by my friend, who is a kelantanese.. kopek means~~ something else.! and we do make fun of it sometimes.. urgh. girlfriends joke much.

and there i said it.. in front of my kelantanese-but-live-in-taiping uncle. and here i am hoping that he would have forgotten what does it means in kelantan. mehehehehehe... dah la that time there was only the three of us. my reaction? step back and rush inside the house. ;p

BUT.. if you just dont have any idea what the heck la tis najlaa is mumbling about? please, go and find a kelantanese friend and ask okay... but seriously, someone with the same sex. pffffft!

bye. gdnite peeps

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