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Sunday, December 18, 2011

weekend ORDER UP!

hey everyone! so enjoy ur weekend?? well at least i did!

this is going to be a veryy short post cause i'm super dupper busy.

i did something! benda okay je kot. well at least i thought so. i did enjoy my weekend but.. maybe i was too green in this field. =.=' kot itulah masalahnye. huh! as ususal.. benda memang takkan terluah. harharharharharun! maybe i'll spill the bean bout this weekend someday. MAYBE... or another 70% maybe it'll just stay in my mind FOREVER! ngeeeee.

as usual UNCERTAINTY. i'm clear about me. what about him? now i wish i have edward cullens gift! hewhewhewhew. so what? i'm 20 with a mind of 40. banyaknye benda nak fikir NYAH!


nak jumpe Nate Archibald
gossip girl!
hahaha. okay aku buat. lagi.
nite peeps.
u noe u love me! ;p

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