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Friday, July 15, 2011

the world doesnt always revolve around you friend

so, i was watching 'diary of wimpy kid'. its.. a great story. hey, try and watch it! but then i remembered about something.

the same situation often occur in real life. you know how people can be so blend in by themselves. i mean bout themselves. of course, if you stayed in your world. your world would just be yours. it is all about you. in some phase of life, your world would be much alike a 'one man games' and.. yup! you.

well in this story, greg is the one. he seriously thinks that he is the best. he is the right one. and believe it or not, he is the cool guy. tang mana tu wey? haha. this is so clear the urge to be popular can sometimes blurred you into doing something wrong. which you clearly deny it because your so called 'gut' says its the right thing to do. get what i mean?

talking to yourself might have been the problem. but, please, dont ever got me wrong. do talk to your own self. for motivational. yup. that is right. but if hey-doesnt-she-have-any-sense topic or that-is-a-total-no-no-thing kind of topic. please stop. trust me, by doing that you are actually training yourself to look down at people and think of how 'superior' are you. look, why do i say 'training yourself' is because most of people dont realize they are being a total jerk

for example you have a friend. and in your i-am-cool mind. your friend is nothing more robin next to batman. which in your so called i-am-cool mind you are the batman. you are the one changing robin to who he is now. and how fed up you are when robin ends up being famous than you. (this is soo not happening in batman comics) and in your freakish little mind things will end up i-am-cool-then-why-is-the-shrimp-been-made-into-lobster-?. okayy. stop! whats up with the shrimp? muahaha!

so this is when the advise came, the world NEVER just revolve around you. instead of thinking how the hell he gets more popular than you..(well if you ever do) how about you congratulate him and be his true friend instead of 'society' friend.

so, the-world-revolve-around-you sickness makes you think you are better than anyone else even your own best friend. and only make things worse on you if it doesnt go on your way. now, that is a total no no. if you want to stay positive and live your life. start to think about others and put yourself in one's shoe. get what i mean? jangan pulak lepas ni kau ambil kasut orang tu and then wear it for the sake of understanding!

i have been in that phase. oh yes. there was time where i thought i am the superior one. and worse, there was time i thought my friends were just a bunch of robin to me. so specifically i kinda know what are you thinking when you say it take chanel and guess to be popular. but honey, know something if your attitude is not as classy as juicy couture. wearing one never made you into one.

trust me, its a phase, once you get over it and start being and thinking more mature. being-yourself-and-be-positive world awaits you.

for the first step. LOVE YOURSELF :)

bye peeps.
enjoy your weekend
prada maybe classy. but YOU are antique :)

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